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Back in the Saddle

You might notice it’s been a while since I last published a blog post.  A while…an eternity…whatevs.

It’s been 3.5 months.


In my defense there have been a lot of life changes.  We moved!  We got a new house about a month ago and we love it – but it’s been a transition with the kids and the stuff.  Our new home is perfect in many ways; close to hubby’s work, plenty of space and storage,  a great kitchen and…oh, an ocean view. (picture in the header above)  It’s wild and it chokes me up on a regular basis but yes, I like it a lot.   And, bonus, it’s one story which is perfect for a family with a very old dog.


Entering the house after we got the keys!



The girls picked a gorgeous color lavender for their room and Daddy made it oh so fun. 





Speaking of the dog…he’s REALLY old.  The last couple months he’s had cancer surgery, an emergency vet visit because of an allergic reaction to a bee sting and he’s really slowing down.  We know what is coming but for now I will still yell at him when he pretends he’s going to eat the UPS man and laugh when he licks my face early in the morning in an effort to encourage me to feed him.


Abraham Alfred E. Cunningham Lincoln Raasch (I didn’t name the poor guy; Daddy did).



Hardest of all, I lost one of my people.  You may have read Wonderful – a post I wrote while we waited for news about my darling, special uncle.  Several years ago he was diagnosed with cancer.  The last time I saw him I knew, deep inside, it would be the last, but I clung to hope he’d be cured and bounce back to the hysterical, loving human being he’s been all my life.  Sadly, he didn’t.  In June he peacefully succumbed to the disease and left a wake of sadness in his absence.  I know I wasn’t the only person who held him in high esteem or who he made feel like the most special, important person.  He was good and he was kind and he will be missed.  Maybe now, 3 months later, I am crying less or maybe I am dealing better or maybe not – but he’d be so mad if I quit writing so here we are.


Uncle Rip (Don) and I at my wedding. 


And now, now we get back to life.  Thanks for your patience.  Thank you for your love.  Thank you for the kind messages and sweet support.  Here we are.  In life.  In reality.  Living, loving and needing to write about it.  Here we are.

I can’t wait to tell you about the last 6 months and all we’ve seen and done and felt.  Thanks for sticking with me.  xoxo


Sunset in our backyard…sigh.  



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