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Travelers Helping Travelers

Thursday night hubby was in a FOUL mood.  When he offered to walk the dog I was all, “Praise the LAWD.”

He returned in a hurry and began grabbing tools from the garage.

“An older woman down the street has a flat and needs assistance,” he announced.

As he walked down the hill from our house I yelled, “Maybe helping someone will turn your day around!  Love you!”  Without turning my way, he waved his left arm in a borderline – ‘shut your mouth, love you too’ – sort of way.

About 45 minutes later I walked down the street in my pajamas to make sure all was well.

Through the gate to our neighborhood I could see a pickup truck, hubby, our neighborhood security guard,  2 women of retirement age and 2 young women in hiking garb.  Hubby came over to the gate and told me the truck was a rental belonging to the 2 young women.  He explained something about a flat tire and a flat spare and I am a terrible listener so what I heard was, “blah, blah, car won’t drive, blah, blah.”  He also explained that the girls were planning to sleep in the bed of the truck for the night.

We made eye contact and I felt us mentally agreeing — so when I said, “they should stay here tonight,” he just shook his head, yes, and I knew we were on the same page.

I suggested he go invite them and he gave me a hilarious look involving raised eyebrows and a “you are ridiculous” kind of glare.  He gives me this look no fewer than a dozen times a week so I am entirely all too familiar with it.

Even though I was sans bra and in pj’s I followed him through the gate over to the truck to invite the girls.

Of course they decilined.

Of course we persisted.

I explained about our two girls and how I would worry all night if they slept in their truck and how we always have plenty of wine…

Our security guard told them we weren’t serial killers and I prayed to God they weren’t either…

About an hour later we were welcoming them into our home.

Our girls thought we were flat out CRAZY.

It took some explaining that this was not a normal situation and that we felt like we could trust these girls and then our wee bits were on board and busted into full BnB mode.

Less than an hour later, after hot showers, some leftover chicken pot pie and salad and some cocktails hubby made to prove we weren’t trying to give them roofies (haaaaa…not funny)…they were sleeping in the back half of our kitchen on air mattresses.

(Side note: our current home in Hawaii is beautiful but only has 2 bedrooms and no extra beds so this was the best we could offer.  I swear we are not psychos who just refused to give these sweet girls real beds!)

Shortly after, hubby and I were sitting up in our bed, wide awake.

We basically remained that way for the following 9 hours until the dog started begging to be walked.  It’s one thing to be kind and another to be stupid and with kids in the house we just weren’t prepared to sleep with “strangers,” even wonderfully kind ones, in the house.

As the sun rose I crept quietly into the kitchen with hubby so he could grab his water bottles and lunch for work.

No movement.

Shortly after, our little ladies came upstairs and asked for breakfast, informing me that they had spied on the sleeping travelers and again, seen no movement.  (Insert my laughter because picturing my girls checking on our guests cracks me up.)

Soon after, we all headed downstairs to start breakfast and feed the old man dog.  I gently woke our guests and offered coffee and breakfast.  As before, they declined.  I threatened to force feed them and they agreed.

If you cannot tell, I’m a fab hostess…ha!

After we ate, were dressed etc we got to work getting the car fixed.  Following a phone call that involved me being the dear girl under whom’s name the rental was registered…we were on schedule to get a tow truck and down to business on getting them back on the road to enjoy their vacation.

Less than an hour later the kindest tow driver was at the entrance to our neighborhood.  He looked at the tire and rather quickly noted multiple spots that needed to be patched but believed they could get back on the road for under $100.


Not being a fan of paying I called the rental company and before too long the girls were having the repair covered along with getting a day of their rental reimbursed.

We hugged, snapped some selfies and I ran back home to make sure my kids weren’t burning our house down or wrestling over doll house furniture.

Once inside my own home my heart felt full to overflowing with gratitude for a new life experience, new people to call friends and a connection in Prague, where I happen to have always wanted to see a certain awesome clock that looks magical in pictures.  You see, our guests were not Americans; they were au pairs from the Czech Republic.  So glamorous!

So, on a scale of 1-10, how crazy do you think we are?

For the record, I’d do it all over again.  Even the not sleeping.

Have you been in the position to need help while traveling?  To offer help to other travelers while at home?

I’d love to hear about it!

Humanity is glorious and kind and good…and smaller and gentler than we realize.  I’m ever-so grateful for our adventures on Thursday night and Friday morning because it gave me the opportunity to see my darling husband in a new light and to find a place in my heart that was more trusting and open to other people than I ever realized.

Hooray for travelers helping other travelers…especially when it’s hard to tell who helped who the most.




5 thoughts on “Travelers Helping Travelers”

    1. I agree! We’ve been really blessed by many strangers in our travels. I find that those well-traveled are open to the kind natures of those around the world which makes me wish more people had the ability (and desire) to gain travel experience. ❤️

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