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Milk The Cow

Have you ever milked a cow?

In 1987 I was presented with the opportunity to give it a shot at the Del Mar Fair in San Diego, California.  I was 8.  It seemed weird to do it in front of an audience (By audience I mean any random person walking by…remember, I was 8.) so I immediately said no.  For the last 29 years I have wished I milked that darn cow and for my entire adult life when I am scared or apprehensive about trying something new I hear three little words in my head…Milk.  The.  Cow.

One Friday in 2006 I was passing instruments during an oral surgery feeling sorry for myself that YET AGAIN my husband would be away for the weekend, pouting behind my surgical mask.  Then I realized.  I should milk the cow.  As soon as 5 o’clock rolled around I drove home and stuffed a bag with clean clothes and called a friend to look in on my pets for the weekend.  I drove to John Wayne airport and purchased a ticket right at the counter to fly to San Francisco.  The next morning I was standing on a pier as my husband’s ship pulled into the port and when he called to tell me they were docking I told him to take a look on the pier.  It was a pretty great weekend.  I don’t remember the little things that went wrong as much as I remember the smile on his face when he saw me standing on that pier.  I milked that cow right to San Francisco and I’m so glad I did.


In case you think this mantra doesn’t really work or that I only applied it that one time here are a few pictures (in no particular order) from days I had to remind myself to milk the cow.

Epcot Center – Orlando, Florida
Arab Castle – Olvera, Spain
BIG piano time at FAO Schwarts – NYC
Central Park NYC
Rehoboth Beach boardwalk, Delaware

If you are considering a trip, an adventure, a new gig or maybe you are quite literally considering milking a cow…I am here to tell you to get that started.  At least head for the barn.  Whatever  happens in there will be better than wishing you’d given it a shot.  xoxo

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