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Where is this going?


Sometimes at night I kiss my girlies and wish them sweet dreams and the big one calls out, “What is the plan for tomorrow?”  This is a legitimate question because we tend to veer away from routine and have adventures on random Tuesdays, especially now that we live in Hawaii.  Are you wondering the same thing?  What will you get from returning to Whoajennie to keep reading?

If I were going to be bold I’d bank on there being three reasons people read a travel blog.  In no particular order I’d say they are a friend or family member of the blogger, they are a fellow traveler or they wish they were traveling more and would like to attempt to live vicariously through someone else’s adventures.  Whichever type of reader you may be, knowing the plan is probably useful to you.  How do you know if you want to keep reading what I publish if you have no idea what is coming?  For all you know I am about to lapse into a period of intense homeschooling catch-up and a ton of pb&j making for a few weeks.  Which maybe I sort of am because we spent the last week showing Nana and Grandpa some of our favorite island hikes, beaches and restaurants.  Or maybe I am about to start organizing for a big trip to another country…or two…which I am also about to do.

As much as we love adventure we do have a pretty normal life during some stints.  Our hero and bacon-winner works normal hours at his current gig here on the island and the kids and I periodically get frustrated over fractions and long division at the dining room table.  Sometimes we have wild days where we hike to an amazing waterfall or hubby and I sneak out to the Blue Note to catch a show while the kids stay home with someone fun and play Yahtzee and Scrabble.  The great part is that something wonderful is always on the horizon.  I’d love to walk you through some of our planning, packing and adventuring if you promise not to ask me for help with long division because…just…no.

To give you an idea of what is coming I will break down some future events so you know what you will be getting content-wise for the next couple of months.

Hikes!  We will be doing a lot of hikes in the coming months as we prepare for more arduous adventures abroad mid-spring.  Now that winter soccer is wrapping up for the girls we will have more time and energy to devote to trying and reporting back on the best hikes on Oahu.

Trips!  As alluded to above, we are going international this Spring.  In late April we will sneak Daddy out of work and hop on a direct flight to Australia to check out Melbourne and Sydney.  After some Koala cuddling (a girl can dream) and fish and chips chomping we will head to New Zealand for what I am expecting to be some awesome outdoor adventures.  The kids and I are working on building our stamina to make it through some glorious sites on foot.  I promise to report back on what are must sees and of course must EATS from each location.

Food!  March is going to be the month of shave ice.  Nothing is better after a grueling or muddy hike than a big, refreshing cup of ice and fresh juices.  Oahu is the best place in the world to get it but with so many options, where do you go?  I will help you narrow it down after we try them ALL.  The kids are pretty excited about this and so am I.  It’s a less-than-guilty pleasure for us as we try to avoid gluten and dairy to feel healthy.

Now that you know what is on the horizon I hope you will keep coming back to hear more about our adventures.  I love sharing them and the kids love helping plan them.  We are thrilled to help you experience new places through our eyes or even better, help you plan your own adventures.  

photographs by Brittney Vier Photography

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