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Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail and WHALES!


Do you like things that are fun and free?  Do you like whales?  Stop.  You are breathing, right?  Of course you like things that are fun and free.  And everyone likes whales.  Duh.

An awesome, fun, free activity on Oahu is the Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail and I highly recommend doing it between late November and the end of the February.  To be more specific, we’ve had the best luck seeing whales in the month of February.

This hike is a mile up and a mile back and on a paved road so you can bring your strollers, dogs, bikes, roller skates, you get the picture.  I’ve done the hike with people from elementary aged kids to mature adults in their 70’s so if you are visiting Oahu with your extended family, on your own or with younger kiddos this could be the hike for you!  Many on the island are a little more complicated with streams and rocky ledges but this one is a piece of cake for most people.  While it has a somewhat steep incline I believe it is manageable for all levels of hikers.

A look at part of the trail.

An especially nice feature on this particular hike is that the Division of State Parks recently added seating areas at a few spots along the trail where you can rest, grab a snack and at the right time of the year SPOT WHALES.  Why the yelling?  I can’t control myself.  It’s glorious and exciting when you look out over the Pacific and feel the waves of gratitude for the beauty that is our Earth rushing over you and THEN A FREAKING WHALE BREACHES.  See, still stupid-level excited and I got home 4 hours ago from our most recent hike up the trail.

Can you spot the humpback whale?


Even more exciting? When FOUR FREAKING WHALES BREACH!  Or A MOMMA AND BABY NUZZLE RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.  Ok, no more yelling, I think, but seriously, go see these humpback whales as they hang out around Hawaii to breed before heading north for the summer.  Maybe everyone doesn’t get stupid-level excited about seeing animals in their natural habitats but we do.  If you do too, this is a must do hike with must see views!

Amazing and safe lookout points for hikers of all ages.


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