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Scared to Travel?

What happens if you are dying to travel but are full of fear?  Anxiety?  Worry?

Guess what?!  That means you are human!

Having been diagnosed and treated for a plethora of issues dealing with anxiety I have an idea of how this can impact your plans or even thoughts before making plans that might keep you from getting past the idea stage to the planning stage.  It sucks!  I know.  I have to repeatedly tell myself that crazy stuff happens everywhere these days and if I don’t take any chances instead of being filled anxiety I will probably be filled with regret.  Boo, regret!  Is there any worse feeling?  I doubt it.

If you are struggling, consider this quote (often attributed to Mark Twain, even by moi in my high school graduation speech, the quote originally written by H. Jackson Brown’s mother and used in his 1991 book:  PS I Love You; When Mom Wrote, She Always Saved The Best For Last):

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

This quote has helped me buy tickets, get on planes, try new foods and even talk to my husband when I first met him!  You’ve got this.Once you’ve psyched yourself up with a little pep talk and mental edification the next step is to dissect the fear and equip yourself.

What part scares you?

Is it flying?  Hello Dramamine or see your doctor for assistance.  I don’t often fly without some type of assistance in this area.  Not gonna lie, I’m a puker on top of being a nervous-Nelly.  So is my youngest.  Prepare!  You can overcome nerves and nausea like a boss with the right tools.

Your pilots will likely always be older and more experienced than these two. Being married to a pilot has helped me calm down a little because he explains away many of my concerns about flying.


Is it sleeping safely in a new place?  Hello additional locks and security gear.  But let’s not go overboard!  I have two small items that come on every trip that make me feel safer.  Am I neurotic?  Possibly a wee bit.  I have my reasons and there’s no shame in taking precautions.  My two favorite security items that easily pack in my bag are a doorstopper with an alarm (It’s.  So.  Loud) and this lock for hotel doors.  The first is easy to set in front of any door and only goes off is someone opens the door.  The second is extra helpful for me when we stay in Airbnb places and I worry the host could easily get in using a copy of the key.  Is this a silly concern?  Probably.  I just like to be cautious with myself and my children.  These are inexpensive, packable items that help me sleep better in new places.

No, this man was not breaking into our apartment in Sevilla! He was a locksmith and after an hour of trying he was able to unlock the door after I locked our keys inside. I think the door was pretty secure! Ha!


Are you worried about the wildlife and bugs in an area you wish you visit?  Research!  Equip yourself with information about how to avoid them and respect their territory.  Find ways to protect yourself whether that means insect repellant or locking your food up to prevent bears from helping themselves.  Information is a useful tool when you are concerned.  Remember to stay focused on the information you need and don’t Google stories about bad things happening.  No need to fill your mind with things that might trigger more worries!

My girls have a funny Papa who is only afraid of mall-dwelling boa constrictors.


The point is, stop letting your fears and worries get in the way of living your life.  You can overcome them and not only try new things and see wonderful, new places but you can enjoy them and feel excited.  I promise.  I’m living proof!  (This doesn’t mean I am never afraid; I just don’t let the fear win.)

Do you have other concerns?  Ways that you cope with said concerns?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments and maybe others have similar worries and have ideas to help you!  You also never know, maybe you will help someone else.  We are all in this life together.  xo


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