It never rains in California…

This blog post brought to you by a big yellow upholstered chair, my laptop and some hot pink, kid-sized headphones.  We live in a hotel!  I’ve been dying to write but we’ve been a little on top of each other the last 6 weeks and as many notes as I took in my phone as we traveled…so much has already escaped my brain.

What a glorious time for our family!  As tired as my brain feels from doing math and running our budget and making plans…we’ve gotten to spend so much time with Husband the last few weeks that it’s a massive blessing we are spending this time in California.

California?  I know.  We are still moving to Hawaii but for the Summer we are happily pretending to be Californians as Husband completes some training.  We moved into a larger hotel room last Sunday so we are all much happier, more comfortable and a little less tightly wound.  Personal space is a valuable thing and we don’t always realize it until it’s at a premium.

How’d we get to California?  We drove!  It was amazing to see so much of our beautiful country.   Some days I got caught up with the people and the places and the lump in my throat was overwhelming.  What an amazing place with so much variety and kind people around every turn!  When you watch the news and see the chaos…remember…it’s not all bad.  There are so many beautiful people, inside and out, in the United States of America.  As we headed north and then west…and then south, my heart was full of love and gratitude for all the amazing people that settled and worked so hard for a country where people are free.

Next to all the beauty, my favorite thing about our trip was the walkie-talkie set my sweet husband gave me when we left North Carolina.  He was so kind to help me recreate a childhood memory of a similar drive with my own family.  They were helpful to break up the constant driving, alert the lead driver (we were in two cars) of bathroom emergencies, randomly discuss the historical importance of sites we passed along the way, and best of all, tell each other which radio station to listen to.

I kept track of some of my favorite walkie-talkie moments to share when I could finally write again.   Here you have it; a compilation of walkie-talkie conversations that made it harder to wait for the next rest stop.

Me: Hey, up next is Pilot Mountain. — Husband: It’s about time they name something cool after me.

Passing a huge truck carrying piggies — Husband: Yummmm, BACON.

As we crossed from Indiana into the Chicago area — Husband: Remember not to use your turn signal to tip the locals off to your next move.

The kids used their call signs, Rey and Ewok, to have weird, garbled, nonsensical conversations that left them in fits of laughter.  And that’s alright by me.

Last but not least, every time the Rachel Platton song, Better Place, came on, that sweet man in the lead car would get on the walkie-talking and call out the station.  The first time he said, “The song about you is on this station.”  I sobbed.  And did the same thing every subsequent time he called back to tell me it was on.

And now you know why I would follow that man 3,500 miles across the hills and valleys of our country and this life to live in a hotel for months on end.  Well, him and Hawaii.  I’m just being honest.


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