Tattoos and Compliments

Last week I saw a doctor to find out why I was so exhausted and feeling cruddy all over.  I have since discovered, as I mentioned in my previous post, that stress, lack of sleep and heartburn can work wonders on your innards.  In a bad way.  As usual, my fan club accompanied me and be-bopped along as we went up the stairs into the brightly lit urgent care center.  They dragged bags full of crayons, coloring books and math workbooks with their favorite babies tucked under their little arms.  I love how they tag along everywhere I go, whether I ask them to or not.  Which I guess is a really good thing.

Whenever we go out and interact with other human beings, my people dish out complements like it’s their J-O-B.  We have had some really…REALLY awkward interactions that have ended in the girls trying to out-complement each other.  Sometimes it starts with a benign, “You have beautiful hair.”  But quickly escalates to the other one amping it up to, “I love the way your voice sounds.”  We occasionally complete the intense interactions with, “I like your whole body.”  It is only then that I grab them by the scruffs of their necks like a mommy Golden Retriever and hustle them the heck outta Dodge.

On this particular Friday we had a really sweet Nurse Practitioner enter the treatment room covered in colorful tattoos.  Teagan was immediately transfixed and barely blinked as the woman asked questions in an effort to figure out why I am a hot mess.  Mid-questioning, the NP whispered, “I think my tattoos are upsetting your youngest.”  At that very moment the fog lifted, Teagan broke through her trance, and exclaimed, “Wow, your tattoos are beautiful — especially the way the squid’s tentacle sticks right through that bloody red heart!”

And there you have it folks.  Sometimes people stare because they are adoring you.  Maybe they always wanted a nose piercing (me! me!) or maybe they are grateful your sandals also make that LOUD clapping sound as you enter the public restroom.  Whatever the case may be, don’t assume the worst.  They might be admiring your tattoos or maybe they just like your whole body.  I wish more people were willing to say the kind things they are thinking.  How good might that feel?

2 thoughts on “Tattoos and Compliments”

  1. I love the sound of your human beings. Everyone needs compliments and I love that they stare because they adore. Lately,when I see something I like about a person while waiting for a bus or at a restaurant, I say it. Usually it goes over well although I can see how one-upping the compliments like your two kids might turn into an awkward moment. But if they did it to me I’d laugh and enjoy every second.


  2. Yes! This! I’m a complimentary stare-er and I always feel bad and then I compliment but I am much more awkward than precious Teagan and usually say something completely ridiculous. Hoping you feel better and that your innards properly heal themselves.

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