Caution: HOT coffee

Day 2.  Two.  Dos.  II.  I love to write but my writing has seasons.  Not to call out any friends, but Cris…you nailed the second post issue.  In my head I’m all, “OH, my new blog looks so prettttty and that picture of B embodies so much of my insideness and anyone can have good grammar but not everyone can be so full of the guts.”  In reality it takes a lot more than pretty pictures and a good cross between being real and being delicate to help people identify with a writer.  Disregarding said balance could alienate a lot of people because life is so messy that too much of someone else’s real is like spilling hot coffee in your lap.  No one is going to rush back for more of that.  If excessive realness and nakedness was so great we’d all go naked to the beach.  And I’m ok with that, but not everyone else is and THAT is why Jamestown was settled.  You didn’t know that, did you?  Jamestown and the Pilgrims and the Vikings…all revolting against Europe’s nude beaches.  Yup.  Europeans have the naked thing down.  And not just on their beaches.

Here in the US we cover things up.  It’s sort of a wretched habit.  I really dislike it.  We exploit imperfections like we are all perfect.  We don’t vote for people who have made mistakes but we groan about all the simulated politicians running around.  We drive people battling darkness into their rooms or creepy places where they are overmedicated and forced to go to craft hour.  I know.  I’ve been to craft hour.  It’s hard to glue things together when you are overmedicated and then you just feel like a failure for not being able to pull off Martha Stewart because THAT is what every depressed person needs.

Here in reality we need to revel in our imperfections because they are real.  We are learning to stop apologizing for nothing, trying to more graciously apologize for true transgressions and we are going to claim the scars that define us.  Did you know that manatees and whales are frequently identified by the scars on their backs?  Do we call them damaged and cast them off?  No, we pay big money to go on boats and see them in their magnificent glory!  We are ALL glorious.  As my littlest tiny human would tell you, “It’s wrong to not love yourself because God made you just right and he’s proud of his work.”  And as my biggest tiny human would tell you, “Loving yourself is really hard to do.”  Of all the hard things worth doing, loving yourself should be high on the list.  Way before marathon running.  But just above fresh air and chocolate.  We can do this.


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